Slurpee Conspiracy

In case anyone is interested, tomorrow is Free Slurpee Day at 7-Eleven. I’m starting to notice a trend at my local 7-Eleven. The slurpees are getting runnier. As I was approaching the machine, I though I spied the Coke slurpee was perfect. From a distance, you can tell by the colour of the mix in the machine exactly what the consistency is. The Pepsi one was very dark, and obviously very runny. Well, as I approached the machine, I realized that someone was playing a cruel trick on me – it wasn’t Coke – it was Vanilla Coke! What an awful slurpee flavour (it’s terrible as a beverage – freezing it does nothing to enhance the experience). What was I left with? Grape, or some mexican thing. Ewww.

Talking of slurpees, I ran across this online diary the other day. It’s obsessive-compulsives like this that help me feel normal.

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