My wife surprised me with a long-weekend trip to Vegas. What a wonderful break. Now, I’m not one for all of the glitz and faux-rennaisance crap that they have here (I grew up in Europe – a fake Eiffel Tower just isn’t the same as the real thing), I must admit that I’m having a great time!

It’s great to have a few days away from work, where I’m too far away to deal with anything even if an emergency came up. We’ve been to see The Blue Man Group (my favourite) and Celine Dion (Cheryl’s favourite).

I managed to sneak in damn-near half a suitcase of technology to bring with me. High speed Internet access in the hotel room is becoming more common, but I was downright shocked to find a Wi-Fi acces point hidden underneath the desk in the room! So I’m blogging from the Zaurus wirelessly!

The one piece of technology that doesn’t work is my brand new camera phone! I’ve got voice service, but no net access, and no ability to blog pictures!

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