Telus Censors to Protect it’s Subscribers

Telus, my ISP and one of my work’s upstream providers, is currently in the middle of a bitter dispute with it’s workers over a contract. Today, they decide that a website that is maintained by supporters of the union involved in the dispute is a security threat, and they block access to the site for all of the Telus network. This means all ADSL, dialup, and leased line customers can no longer access the website. The story is just starting to make the media. No doubt there’ll be many more stories come Monday.

I’m not one to take sides in a union dispute like this, but it’s my opinion that Telus has overstepped it’s bounds by censoring this website for “security reasons”. How about blocking sites like this for security reasons? Sounds a little more dangerous than a forum for disgruntled union members to voice off about their employer.

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