Finding New Readers For Your Blog

There are thousands of blogs out there which makes the job of exposing your blog to new readers very difficult. There are the usual methods such as pinging sites like Then there’s more shady systems of ‘click exchanges’. I was leary of these services, mostly because it seemed like just a random traffic generator, without actually having people read the content. But I broke down and decided to try one out. I managed to find BlogClicker which is a click exchange system designed specifically for blogs. Basically, you sign up, register your blog, then start surfing other blogs using their web-based tool. You have to spend 20 seconds or more on a site, and you get credit for viewing that site. These credits will add your own site to other people’s viewing (the more you view, the more your own site gets viewed). I’ve been using it for a couple of days, and I’ve managed to find a couple of very interesting blogs, as well as hopefully expose my blog to a new audience.

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