Bypass Telus’ IVR Voice Recognition Hell

I’m not a big fan of Telus – our incumbent telecomminications carrier in BC. I’ve had many run-ins with them over the years. Their customer service sucks. Last year, they added insult to injury and installed a hellish automated voice recognition system that you have to navigate before you can actually reach a human. It’s infuriating. It insults you. Pounding zero gets you a “Here at Telus, we have several kinds of operators. Tell me more about what you’re looking for so I can direct you to the right kind of operator.”

After another morning wasted getting bounced around from department to department at Telus (at one point, a Telus employee gave me the number of 310-1010 as the ‘short-cut’ to the department I was looking for. That number actually directs me to Pizza Hut!) I finally got through to a Telus employee who was actually helpful. In fact, the most important piece of information I got was a phone number to completely bypass the IVR hell! The number is 866-468-3587. Write it down. Use it. It works! Tell everyone you know!