In Pursuit of Curry Sauce

My wife and I were reminiscing recently about the wonderful fish and chips with curry sauce that we had on our trip to the UK. I did a bit of research to see if there was anything that we could get that was close here in Canada. I found a product that I thought we might be able to order and get shipped here.

Well, Cheryl was more resourceful than I, and found a local supplier of British imports, and picked up a package! What a wonderful surprise when I came home! A quick trip to the local ‘British’ fish & chip shop and we were set.

Now, if only I could find a local supplier for Pot Noodle

Microsoft Dodges a Bullet?

I’m sure just about everyone has heard about the little worm that’s spreading around the Internet. Heck, even my mother asked me about it when I last talked to her. Microsoft’s solution to saving their precious WindowsUpdate service was to take down the URL completely.

Actually, the news stories are a little misleading. They’ve taked down the URL, but the URL is still up and running. I giess Microsoft’s just fortunate that the worm author just happened to point to the alternate (shorter) URL and Microsoft’s WindowsUpdate feature built in to their operating system uses the longer URL. They’d be in big trouble if the worm was going to hit the same URL as the WindowsUpdate feature requires. Maybe next time they won’t be quite so lucky.

As an aside, here’s an interesting link to a tool put out by Microsoft that will allow the user to scan an entire subnet for machines that are still vulnerable. I found this a few days ago, and used it on our corporate network. Even though we regularly patch our machines, it still found a couple of machines that got overlooked.

All Natural

This is hands-down the all-time funniest thing I have read on the Internet in as long as I can remember. I sent it out to my co-workers, and I had my entire department in tears. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!