Linux on PPC

I have an old Apple blue G4 sitting under my bench gathering dust. I played with OS X on it for a while, but as most of my friends would testify, I’m a bit of a Linux nut. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Fedora Project was supporting the PPC architecture in the Core 4 release. I’m playing with Core 4 Test 2 at the moment, and it’s quite stable. There’s a few issues around the macintosh-only areas that I’m still having problems with, such as video drivers, and the apparent lack of support for the on-board PCMCIA slot (designed to hold a WiFi card). Some of the GUI tools don’t work as expected, such as the auto partition option during install, and the GUI for Up2date. Despite these shortcomings (after all, it’s still only test2), I think that a Fedora-based Mac will make a permanent home on my bench.